Sponsers 2010

The following members are supporting the club by sponsoring the DJs for the listed date.
Opportunities are still available so PICK A MEETING!
January 7: Anita & Lamar
February 4: Linda & David
 March 4: Cherry & Richard
April 1:Sherri and Kenny 
 May 6:Linda and Allen
June 3:Donna and Joe
July 1:MaryAnn and Bill 
August 5:Karen and Harry   
September 2:Ellen & David
October 7:Linda & Alan
November 4:Joe Singletary
December 2:
January 21: Anita & Lamar
February 18: Linda & David
 March 18: Ellen & David
April 15:Brenda and Ron 
May 20:Sharyn and Tony 
 June 17:Donna and Joe
 July 15:Kim and Bo
August 19:Nancy and Larry
 September 16:Dennis & Rusty 
 October 21:Pixie & Vickie
November 18:Ellen & David 
 December 16: